Bob - R.M of St. Francois Expand | Contract
Our Municipality decided to automate meeting and Council information management, using All Net, at the beginning of 2010. We initially charted out a training and conversion process which extended through much of the year. However, once the software was installed, we found that administration converted immediately, and Council converted, after perhaps 30 minutes of training, part-way through the year.


St Clements
Colleen - R.M of St. Clements Expand | Contract
In the fall of 2008 we purchased All-Net Meetings from All-Net.ca. One of the main concerns of a Municipal Council is transparency to their ratepayers. With the ability to publish the agendas online our residents are now able to view the agenda prior to the meeting and see the information that Council is basing their decisions on. It has reduced the time spent in preparation of our agenda and minutes by more than ½ and by going paperless; we have saved a small forest of trees.


Dale - R.M of Stanley  
The All-Net software has transformed our council and committee meetings. Efficiency, time savings, simplicity, and paper-savings are only a few of the many benefits that we have experienced over the last 3 years of using the All-Net program. With regular updates to the software and a service level that is unmatched, Vern and his qualified team have proven their dedication to ensuring our satisfaction with the All-Net product.


Mel - Manitoba Municipal Administrators’ Association  
As the Executive Director of the Manitoba Municipal Administrators’ Association and as I client with firsthand experience, I can say that the All-Net Meetings program has changed the way our Association and many Manitoba Municipalities do business. The savings from time and paper alone more than pays for itself. I would recommend All-Net Meetings to any municipal government looking to reduce time, waste and improve communication amongst elected officials.


R.M of Siglunes
Marion - R.M of Siglunes  
As an All-Net Meetings user I would recommend the program to any municipal organization looking to save time and money. The fact that elected officials have access to the files they need in a timely manner is priceless. Gone are the days of photocopying paper agenda packages and staff can now focus their efforts on more pressing issues.


Roblin Manitoba
Twyla - Town of Roblin  
Using All-Net Meetings has made the agenda and minutes process very easy and has freed up a lot of administrative time. The project and issue tracker features are great too. Having the ability to add documents for Council has made the meetings much more efficient. The council members have found the transition very easy as well. The staff are very professional and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend All-Net Meetings for any office.


Town of Stonewall
Robert - Town of Stonewall  
With a busy schedule it was difficult to make all of the training sessions but I found when we began using All-Net Meetings for our Council and Committee meetings the transition was seamless and Council, administration staff and myself picked using the Program quickly and easily. The agendas and minutes are completed quicker than in the past and the task / item management feature keeps everyone up to date on the status of matters.


Town of Stonewall
Ross - Town of Stonewall  
I have found the program to be very helpful when chairing meetings. The Program is user friendly and the support from Vern and his staff is excellent. The Program does save time, paper and frustration all around. Highly recommended.


RM of South Norfolk
Christi - R.M of South Norfolk Expand | Contract
The RM of South Norfolk made the conversion to the All-Net system in May of 2011 for their electronic meeting packages and thus far appreciate many of the features or modules that include the project updates & reporting and all users live by the calendar feature! Staff appreciates the electronic meeting minutes and easy researching of resolution numbers and content. All package correspondence is just a click away and has minimized the need to search through paper files!


Town of Birtle
Debbie - Town of Birtle  
The Town and R.M of Birtle started using All-Net Meetings in the summer of 2011 and were very impressed with the capabilities of the program as well as the excellent support provided by All-Net. The endless features and user friendly applications have saved administrative time and resources. A must have for every busy office.


Lynne - R.M of St. Francois Xavier  
All-Net has drastically changed how paperwork flows in the office in preparation for a Council meeting. We no longer make 6 copies of every piece of correspondence for each Councillor to read. The agenda is very easy to work with. The minutes are pretty much done as we walk out of the meeting. We are saving a lot of time and paper and are very happy that we started using All-Net.