Microsoft Windows laptops

All-Net Meetings was originally developed as a Windows based application.  As a result the program is fully compatible with all desktop and laptop computers running the Windows operating system.  It is recommended that administrators use a Windows based laptop to ensure ease of use and full compatibility with their existing office environment.


Mac and MacBooks

All-Net Meetings has been upgraded to be compatible with the Mac OS X operating system.  We do recommend the use of Mac products for regular users of the All-Net Meetings program.  However, administrators may want to stick to a Windows based system if they currently function in a Windows based office to ensure compatibility with other systems within their network.  We also find that a laptop is more convenient for typing during a regular meeting.


We recommend the use of a tablet with a minimum 8” screen size. This rules out the Blackberry Playbook 7”, and Galaxy 7” tablets.


Apple iPad and Mini

The Apple iPad is a great option for regular users. It's large screen and smooth display provide for easy navigation. However, the iPad does not come with a USB or external storage options. Another limitation with the iPad is the inability to allow users to upload local files in a web browser.

As a result we do not recommend the use of the iPad for administrators but do recommend the iPad as a great option for regular users such as councillors and board members. We also recommend the use of the iPad Mini.

If you do a lot of typing on your account we would suggest you stick to a traditional laptop with a regular keyboard.


Microsoft Windows Tablets

While fully compatible with any Windows operating system we must say that we find the Windows 7 operating system running on a tablet to be a little bit trying. Windows 7 was not intended for the tablet computer and as a result we would suggest only using windows tablets running the new Windows 8 operating system.


Google Android Tablets

There are now numerous affordable Android based tablets on the market and they are all options based on price. At less than $400 you can have an Android based tablet with a 10” screen that is ready to use out of the box. The downside to an Android tablet will be the opening of attachments.

The Android operating system requires two steps every time you want to open a document and this can become annoying unless you are an Android enthusiast. We would suggest the iPad or a Windows 8 tablet over the use of any Android tablet.


Blackberry Playbook

The only limitation with the Playbook is the small screen size (7”). The 7” screen makes it very difficult to read large amounts of text and cannot be recommended as a viable option. As a result we do not recommend the use of the Blackberry Playbook.