All-Net Meetings V3 is the only municipal meeting management solution that is completely compatible with any mobile device. You can now access all your meeting documents and share information on your account with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Administrators can adjust their meeting agendas and record information remotely from a smartphone instead of waiting till they return to the office. The best of all is there is no need to install a separate mobile app with limited features. You have access to all your information on any mobile device.


All-Net meetings is completely compatible with any Microsoft or Apple product. This includes Mac Books, Windows laptops, tablets and smartphones.



We recommend the use of a tablet with a minimum 8” screen size.


Apple iPad and Mini

The Apple iPad is a great option for regular users. It's large screen and smooth display provide for easy navigation. However, the iPad does not come with a USB or external storage options.

If you do a lot of typing on your account as an administrator we would suggest you stick to a traditional laptop with a regular keyboard.


Microsoft Windows Tablets

All-Net Meetings is fully compatible with all Windows tablets running the latest operating system of 10 or higher.


Google Android Tablets

There are now numerous affordable Android based tablets on the market and they are all options based on price. At less than $400 you can have an Android based tablet with a 10” screen that is ready to use out of the box. Client feedback from non-Android users has been less than positive with getting comfortable with the Android operating system. As a result, we recommend anything Microsoft or Apple based for users who are not already Android users.